Since 1990, the Advance Group made up originally from Advance Couriers, Taxi Trucks and Mayday Messengers has been a leader in time critical local transport services.

Over the past 10 years we have continued to improve and update our product range, to offer our clients a window into the future of transportation. We constantly look at where commerce and industry is heading and manipulate and develop our services to meet these changes.

The dedication and knowledge of our professional staff and drivers along with the implementation of the latest technology has allowed us to stay at the forefront of the local courier, taxi truck, fleet management and logistics industry.

Our objective is to become a "one-stop shop" for all local transport requirements, whereby you can ring one number to book anything from a motorbike through to a semi-trailer. We offer storage and distribution and can tailor a logistics solution to suit your client's needs.

Currently the Advance Group has structured our business into three distinctive service areas:




Each division is committed to the highest quality controlled level of service and one telephone number accesses all departments.

Marketplace Demands

Customer research has indicated that they are requiring one supplier for a range of services with clear product differentiation, inclusive of one invoice, Management Reporting and Information Technology platform. Also critical was the supplier's ability to offer a service that is value for money, offering a consultative approach to improve services at the lowest total cost, while not jeopardising quality. Ease of use, simplified booking and billing were also prominent requirements


The Advance Group uses it's own Computerised Courier Management System offering:

* Internet bookings
* State of the art fully computerised call centre
* Computerised Despatching System
* In-car data terminals
* Track and trace facilities
* Performance reporting
* Optional choice invoicing System

Our system provides real time information on the status of the booking that includes;

* Time of Booking
* Time of Allocation
* Time of Pick-Up
* Time of Delivery

We have further developed our technology to transmit bookings by data leaving no room for error or misinterpretation. This technology allows us to produce actual pick up and delivery performance reports based on facts.

Responding To The Marketplace

In responding to our clients requests to become a "one stop shop", we have positioned the Company to a product divisionalised structure that covers all aspects of local transport distribution. This product structure allows us to be closer to our customers and drivers offering a unique personalised service.